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  • Fast and Easy
  • Diagnose the problem remotely
  • Recommend a solution
  • Now setback and watch us work!
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  • Just bring your computer in
  • We will diagnose the problem
  • Call you with recommendations
  • Repair it within 24 to 48 Hours
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  • Repair computer problems
  • We can setup that new computer
  • We can setup wireless networks
  • Limited areas
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Computer Repair

Considering how important a tool the computer has become, when it has problems you need a good repair technician. Choosing a poor technician can just add to your problems.

309 Technologies has been serving customers for over 12 years and has built a reputation for being fast, knowledgeable and professional. We let our customers tell the story, 80 percent of our customers are repeat or referral customers and you don't achieve this success without great service!



309 Technologies is one of the premium computer support service providers catering to local customers by offering online or In-Store resolution of PC & Mac problems.
We provide you comprehensive support for your computer belonging to top brands including HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Mac and others.

309 Technologies is committed to benefit its customers far more than anyone else.



  • Computer emergencies
  • Virus & spyware detection and removal
  • System updates & cleanups to boost performance
  • New system setups and data transfer
  • Both PC and Apple(out of warranty) repair
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Software & hardware installation
  • Remote Pc & Mac Tech Support