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Remote Computer Assistance & Online Pc/Mac Computer Tech Support pricing as of 01/01/2018


  • $45/$601/2 hour minimum
  • $901 hour home service
  • $1201 hour business service
  • $60Previous home customers price
  • $90Previous business customers price

In-Store Computer Services pricing as of 01/01/2018

  • $90Tune-up Computer
  • $90Virus & Spyware removal $90-$160
  • $180Operating System Installation
  • $100System Setup
  • $40Software Installation
  • $60Data Backup/Transfer on working HD
  • $45Diagnostics/waved if repaired by 309
  • $30Part Replacement
  • *All Prices are labor only.Virus & Spyware Cleanup & OS install both include updating the operating system,programs and adding virus and spyware protection.
In-Store Computer repair customers please bring the following items if applicable:

Power cord for laptop computer, Any software that came with the computer, External hard drive, Mobile Hotspot(these are devices from AT&T or Verizon Wireless).